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Through hole slip ring used in package industry

Time: 02, 08 2021 Views: 169

In the age of automation, more and more packaging industry has been using packaging equipment to decrease human cost. The most critical component in this device, the slip ring, solves the problem about one side need 360 degree rotating while transmitting the packaging device's operating command signal and power supply and then another side should connect stator side.


Now Let me introduce one kind of packaging equipment customized slip ring, ECN038-18 P1. Which rotating speed at 0-300 RPM when working temperature at - + 60 ℃~ 20 ℃ .The slip ring has 18 cirtuits with 5 A, dielectric strength is between two road 1000 @ 50 hz, or insulation resistance for 500 m Ω @ 500 VDC.The slip-ring aperture of 38.1mm and the slip-ring wire length of 300mm are customized according to the packaging equipment.