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The conductive slipring application in smart toy market

Time: 04, 08 2021 Views: 144

In recent years, the integrate slip ring has a big role in the smart toy market. Integrate slip ring could transmit the micro current and and signal, when it working in the smart toy joint. As the smart toy joint always connect two rotating parts. Conductive slip ring work the same important role in the nervous system of smart toy, to transmit the radio signal. So it is necessary using slip ring in the smart toy industry field, particularly use in the small size toy.


With the smart toy deeply development, the conductive slip ring technology grow more advanced. Particularly new energy material are required for slip ring. Most of the manufacturing of slip ring who not only stock the hardware condition but also strengthen the preparation on the introduction and cultivation of profession talents. The experienced designers and engineers are the main determinant of the future competition in conductive slip ring field.



As the precious part -integrate slip ring is small size with low cost, is very suitable for the smart toy market, if you are looking for a professional manufacturing now, please contact with CENO from below way.


Slip ring solution

Circuit number: 4-18

OD: 5.5-22mm

Current: less than 1Amp

Voltage: 220VAC/DC

Enclosure material: Engineering plastic

Lead wire length: 200mm