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The fiber optical rotary joint apply to the security camera

Time: 27, 10 2022 Views: 224

CENO’s fiber optical rotary joint can be used in the security camera too, the high-speed dome camera, is referred to as high-speed dome or fast dome too, it is a high-tech product involving machinery fields, optics fields, electronics and other fields.

With the fast-paced process of the country and city, the security camera known as " clearer, faster, longer and stronger" has gradually become the best choice of the front-end for monitoring of emerging city. With its high integration, fast speed and powerful functions, it has attracted more and more attention from users these years.


The application of optical fiber slip rings in the security camera has following advantages:

  • Free from electromagnetic interference

  • long working life

  • Support higher definition

  • The simplify structure easy to improve the standardization of the products