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Slip Ring provides quality solutions for semiconductor manufacturing

Time: 27, 08 2021 Views: 284

Semiconductor manufacturing environments demand non-contaminating integration with strict requirements for maintaining high levels of accuracy and performance. CENO is a world-class provider of precision fluid rotary union solutions for the semiconductor industry. We offer exclusive design advantages that meet the stringent requirements demanded by CMP and automation systems.


Designed for cleanroom environments, CENO's high-precision and compact rotary unions provide a reliable fluid transfer solution for a variety of mechanical polishing operations. Specialized sealing technology capable of handling abrasive and corrosive media, and a wide range of temperatures ensure a long service life reducing CMP system downtime.



CENO's high-performance, specialized fluid sealing solutions play an integral role in the automated manufacturing of silicon wafers. Our team of experienced engineers work directly with you to develop a solution designed to meet your application's exact requirements for performance, cost, and delivery.