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High current slip ring used for engineering machinery

Time: 01, 09 2021 Views: 275

The slip ring of the engineering machinery is generally installed on the center of rotation for the mutual transmission between the power source and the signal. This slip rings can be used in the harsh working environment, with large power and size.The slip ring also need to withstand high shock and low temperature special requirements to ensure reliability and long working life. CENO engineering machinery slip ring is specially designed with a central hole for hydraulic or pneumatic drive shaft mounting, inner diameter from 12mm to 1200mm, current from 1A to 2000A.


Characteristics of CENO Engineering Machinery Slip Ring:


1,Compact structure, flexible installation and high reliability, suitable for long-term work.

2,High IP grade (IP68) for dusty and exposed work environments.

3,Alloy brush structure, precious metal contact, excellent electrical conductivity, low signal transmission loss.

4,High anti-vibration structure design.

5,Special design for low temperature resistance, stable operation: -60 ° C ~ +85 ° C.

6,Can be designed with encoder, potentiometer, angled functional slip ring.