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CENO Slip Ring for Deep-Water ROV

Time: 08, 09 2021 Views: 195

The growing use of underwater robots for hydrocarbon exploration at ever greater depths means that high-tech rotary joints are ever more important. These must be able to withstand not only extreme conditions such as pressures of up to 300 Bar, but must also reliably transmit high-quality communication channels such as Ethernet and fiber-optical signals. These requirements can only be met by compact, pressure-compensated slip ring systems made of stainless steel.


CENO's water-proof slip ring is designed for ships, harbor equipment,test equipment and some application which has water or moisture environment,to transmit precision signal, weak current, large current, high voltage. Meanwhile its design prevents the liquid seeping into the slip ring with the characteristics of low torque on rotation and low loss on signal transmission,as well as no need to do maintenance, low electrical noise, long lifespan and so on.




IP Protection reach to IP68

High pressure resistant,anti-corrosion


Could work under water 1000M

Integrated structure design, convenient to install





Vessel machinery,port machinery,ROV

Beer machinery,filling machinery

Drilling platform,oil well