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Slip ring for VR display

Time: 17, 09 2021 Views: 118

VR, short for Virtual Reality, is to create a three-dimensional virtual space by employing graphics rendering ability of computers. It makes the users have the feelings just as in real life in terms of hearing, vision and sense of touch.


CENO, collaborating with a recreational company, has developed slip rings for VR head-wearing display signal transmission. Applied mainly in the game chair, it dedicates itself to the interactivity of VR devices. Such a VR slip ring has circuits routing HDMI signal, USB signal, power supply and others.


The slip ring manufactured by CENO distinguishes itself by the advantages: Firstly, it solves the problem of wires twining and is easy to install with scientific structural design. Secondly, it can transmit 4K HD video. Thirdly, its adaptability is improved by adopting stainless steel bearings in internal structure, which validates its normal operation in low temperature. The last point lies in its long service life with no maintenance.


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