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Ethernet slip ring

Time: 23, 09 2021 Views: 116

With the continuous development of technology,more and more requests of slip rings need totransmission in the industrial application,automatic machine and CCTV camera application.CENO Ethernet slip rings use the special designs to meet the challenge of matching impedance,controlling crosstalk and managing losses values.We offer wide range of solution to different applications to meet customer requests.The Ethernet slip rings including 100M Ethernet and 1000M Ethernet,Waterproof grade can up to IP65,IP68 etc.,Also can be combined with electric power,other type of signal,datas,gas,liquid etc.ECN025-05P-04S-01EM-01EG with inner bore size 25.4mm,integrated power,working speed 0-300rpm.CENO can design different through bore size from 3mm to 980mm according to customer’s requirements.




100M &1000M Ethernet

High transmit performance

Inner diameter 25.4mm

0~300rpm working speed




Industry equipment

Oilwell driling

Turn table

Military industry




Circuits number

IP protection grade

Inner bore size

Signal type & current rating