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CENO slip ring in the large shield machine

Time: 30, 09 2021 Views: 114

Shield machine, the full name is the whole section tunnel boring machine, is a metal shell, shell is equipped with the machine and ancillary equipment, shield shell in tunnel excavation of soil and soil under the cover of slag line and segment assembling, grouting reinforcement etc, so as to build the special construction of the tunnel equipment, shield tunneling machine has been widely used in the subway, railway, highway tunnel engineering, municipal, water and electricity, etc.


The shield machine is composed of more than 10 parts, such as knife disc, shield body, pipe piecing machine, spiral machine and trolley.The trolley is generally divided into 5-7 sections and is equipped with grouting system, hydraulic pump station, hydraulic oil tank system, electric cabinet, air compressor system and other relevant systems required by shield tunneling machine operation.


The main control room is also located on the platform vehicle, which controls the entire driving process. The shield machine is equipped with monitoring equipment, precise positioning once every 10 seconds, and real-time video monitoring. All driving parameters are transmitted to the main control room and the ground monitoring and control room in real time through optical fiber.Optical fiber slip ring is inevitably used in the shield machine. The data between various system components is transmitted through optical fiber. The use of optical fiber slip ring can avoid the damage of movable joints to the optical fiber and provide continuous or intermittent optical fiber data transmission.The photoelectric slip ring combined with the electric slip ring can provide the needed power for the control system, thus improving the overall mechanical performance and simplifying the operation of the system.